Hello, friend! I’m valerie.

I’m an author and speaker serving you at the intersection of faith and family.

I love helping families find fun, natural, meaningful ways to pursue faith in God and compassion for others, all while growing closer to each other. I’d love to chat with you about how I can serve your family, ministry, or podcast community.

At my core

I am passionate about helping families make enjoyable, authentic connections as they pursue faith and compassion.



Through a mix of practical value, humor and heart, I love equipping parents with useful tools and grace-filled encouragement. Find out more about how I can serve your group or podcast audience.


Ideas & Freebies

As a co-founder and regular contributor to Our Everyday Parables, I’m part of an amazing team of moms, teachers, and children’s ministers who bring easy, relevant ways to talk about faith as part of daily life. Grab our newsletter here.


Children’s Book Reviews

Sharing my love of children’s books is one of my favorite things to do. You can find my reviews on Our Everyday Parables and on Instagram (personal and blog). If you’re more into TikTok or Pinterest, you’ll find me there, too. As an aspiring children’s book author myself, yeah…I love books.

Hi, I’m Valerie!


I’m a mom and teacher who understands how tricky it can be to help kids discover and develop a vibrant, authentic faith amidst life’s many challenges. That’s why I’m passionate about helping families find simple, everyday ways to engage kids in natural conversations, fantastic children’s books, and fun activities centered around faith and love.

You can find me living out this passion as I speak at mom’s groups and write articles for Our Everyday Parables and other media. I also share my love of amazing kids’ books and write my own. I’m a former public school teacher and a member of Texas Library Association, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), MOPS/MOMSnext, and my local children’s ministry team.

What else about me? I support my children’s book habit by writing grants for nonprofits in Houston, Texas where I live with my husband, Josh, and our two boys. A few things I get pretty excited about include live music, eating on the patio, and cilantro.

Latest in the Journal

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